Reiki and Sound Therapy

What is Reiki, and what is it about?

Rei is referred to as universal spiritual wisdom and ki as life energy (Ki, Chi, Prana). Reiki is the beautiful and good energy of universal love.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique based upon the principle of channeling energy through light touch and hand positions on the body. Many find that a session of Reiki massage reduces stress and brings you into a state of relaxation. Additionally, the passing of Reiki through healing touch can improve holistic well-being and even aid in the healing of a person.

What can Reiki help with?*

Reiki therapy allows you to achieve several benefits on various levels. The effects can often be felt already after the first session. The benefits of Reiki therapy on the emotional level allow you to regain inner peace and joy and clear the mind of negative emotions, among other things. Physically, the therapy has a positive effect on reducing pain and symptoms of various diseases. Reiki supports our body in healing* problems like:

  • low immunity,
  • allergies and infections,
  • neurosis and depression,
  • insomnia or low-quality sleep,
  • endocrine system disorders,
  • organ dysfunctions,
  • speeding the process of healing the injuries and fractures.

What to expect in a Reiki session?

In your first Reiki session with me, we will begin with a brief interview in order to assess your concerns, goals, and initial questions. For this reason, I plan that a first time session will take 30 minutes longer.

The Reiki session participant lies or sits on a massage table. They are fully clothed during therapy; therefore, it is important to wear comfortable clothes in which you can relax completely. The therapist – or practitioner – places their hands on different areas of the participant’s body and thus helps to promote energy flow. Using the information from the basic interview with you and guided by intuition, I may enhance your healing session by including tuning forks (sound healing), crystals and/or aromatherapy.

Distance Reiki healing

Being a pure energy, Reiki is not restricted by time and space boundaries. The healer may use special signs to perform a session from a distance. At the scheduled day and time, you find a comfortable position with your hands free of any electronic devices and open yourself to the energy sent by practitioner. During this type of session, you shouldn’t operate any vehicles.

A Distance Reiki session takes 30 minutes.

Enhanced Healing with Sound Therapy*

Everything in life is vibration.” -Albert Einstein

One of my favorite additions to Reiki are the use of Tuning Forks. Sound Healing merge science, the wisdom of the ancients, music with the healing modalities. It is a form of holistic medicine that helps to balance all aspects of human being -physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Some researchers discovered frequencies that destroy disease causing viruses and bacteria, the 528 Hz is currently being used by genetic biochemist to repair broken DNA. Experts compare human body to the piano – when in tune we feel centered and full of energy. Disease, past trauma or negative emotions put our body out of tune. A tone can change the cellular structures and pattern. The right vibrations can enter a diseased cell and that cell can be completely returned to normal. All we need to do is sound the right tone. Knowing your problems, the practitioner can help you facilitate the process of restoring the balance and connecting you to your original life rhythm again.

Tuning forks have a wide range of use. Depending on the frequency, Sound Therapy can help with:

  • trauma
  • releasing emotional blockages
  • depression and anxiety
  • addiction
  • insomnia
  • healing chronic pain
  • achieving a deep relaxation state
  • headaches
  • joint problems
  • digestive problems
  • increasing vitality level and mental clarity
  • stress reduction
  • healing ancestral problems and repair DNA

Both Reiki and Sound Therapy help cleansing and strengthening energy flow in our Chakras.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are energy centers located in the human body. Each chakra has a different function and is responsible for the proper functioning of the various organs in our bodies. The main task of the chakras, however, is to maintain physical, spiritual and mental harmony. It can be said that they work like radio receivers – their task is to collect, process and release energy to specific parts of the body and internal organs. Interestingly – they are not static; they are spinning all the time. For them to function properly, nothing should block them so the energy they are filled with can flow freely through them.

Why should you cleanse your Chakras?

Purifying the chakras is very important because the physical body consists of energy. When its flow is disturbed, both physical and mental health problems arise. You can achieve external balance, peace of mind, and full health by purifying the chakras.

Purification of the chakras helps with:

  • emotional stability
  • healthy body
  • life satisfaction
  • life energy at an optimal level
  • self confidence
  • sexual satisfaction
  • capacity of express yourself and creativity
  • a general sense of security

*I understand that Reiki and Sound healing practitioners do not diagnose illness, disease, or physical or mental disorders, nor do they prescribe medical treatments or pharmaceuticals. I acknowledge that these sessions are not a substitute for medical examination or diagnosis, and that is recommended I see a primary health care provider for those services.