„Your path is illuminated by a road-map of stars. Let me be your guide! ”

Major challenge or a big life change ? Or maybe stuck in the ruts and lost ? Let me help you realign with your life purpose ..

How can you help me make a positive changes?

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Is this your first time visiting me ? Do you wonder which consultation is for you?

With knowledge of your precise birth time, I can provide you a much more detailed reading, to include future dates of significance. Without your birth time, you are welcome to book Tarot readings.

If you have your time of birth


  • Are you struggling with a specific problem?
  • Do you want to focus on a specific area of your life?
  • Are you looking for advice and insight into your here and now and the near future?

Astrological Consultation - is for you

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Or maybe

In-depth reading – Bestseller!

  • Do you want a deeper insight into your whole life?
  • Are you looking for a forecast for 1-3 years ahead?

Classic Astrology reading - Two-part session will give you the most complete picture of who you are and where you are going

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If you do not have your birth time

  • Your precise birth time is critical to the accuracy of your astrological readings.

Rectification – This service will pin down your birth time for future astrological consultations.

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Tarot cards readings

  • Those readings were designed for clients without their time of birth. They may seek my advice for either a specific matter or a general forecast.
  • Tarot is also a quick option for my regular clients where they need just a quick consultation of the matter at hand.

Astro-Tarot readings - are here to help!

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Still not sure which session is right for you?

What else can I help you with?

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Do you sometimes have trouble understanding your own child? I assure ...

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It turns out that as we travel our horoscope changes. Certain parts ...

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Did you know that each event has its own horoscope and energies? Astrologers ...

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Have you found your other half? Or maybe you are not sure if this is ...

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In the previous session you got answers to who you are, so now it’s ...

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Did you know that an Astrologer can also be your coach , career counselor ...

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Forecast for the next year for returning customers in order to make ...

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Are you organizing a Halloween, bachelorette or a birthday party? Read more

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Reiki and Sound Therapy


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Did you know that an Astrologer can also be your coach , career counselor or even a therapist?

About me

When I was a little girl I dreamed that I would become an Astronaut when I grew up. The Earth f already felt fully conquered but the world above still felt mysterious and unexplored.

My second fascination was people around me . I loved to observe the diversity of their behaviors and reactions in different situations. This, in turn, prompted me to notice connections with the zodiacal archetypes very early on.

Client testimonials

We often don’t know what to expect from a session with an astrologer. Each has a different competence, workshop and pays attention to various aspects. Helena LaBarbera is an astrologer who not only constantly deepens her knowledge but also has an unprecedented sensitivity that guarantees a delicate insight into the client’s life and future. Meeting with Helena always gives a deepened view about the influences of the planets on one’s life and information on favorable periods for various activities in the future or the potential of the days to come. I have always been astonished by the accuracy of Helena’s predictions and timing of events she points. I highly recommend!

Katarzyna Alvestål

Great commitment and vast knowledge passed with warmth and understanding! A broad perspective, and when you need to focus on specific aspects of the psyche in the context of your own development and life path through reference to family history, childhood, adolescence…An interesting journey into yourself under the guidance of an enlightened guide, Helena La Barbera:)) I highly recommend her to everyone who want to increase self-awareness and is ready for the great adventure!

Aleksandra Dezakowska

Ms Helena La Barbera is a very positive, contacting person, emanating good energy. She is characterized by warmth, empathy and professionalism. She engages 100% , sensing the needs of her clients.

Grateful doctor of medical sciences, specialist periodontologist Jacek Żurek

Deep intuition, fantastic insights, awakened awareness and a great approach to the client – I recommend

Jakub Wróblewski

Helena is the best. She knows her stuff and she explains and presents it in the way you can understand  She has a great personality too so I can highly recommend her.

Zuzanna Nordström

Mrs. Helena is extremely professional and has great knowledge. She helped me a lot to get back on the right path and understand what energies accompany me in my life. Everyone should get to know their horoscope to be able to live in harmony with the universe. I highly recommend Helena. She is a unique person with a unique gift. .